For over 25 years, SST Group has been generating a diverse range of knowledge and experience to create solutions aimed at making the world a better place. Through innovative technologies, unique solutions, and comprehensive support, SST Group is dedicated to share the commitment to quality, service, safety, efficiency, and sustainability. Our systems and solutions create a new level of comfortable living for millions of people and a new level of security for thousands of companies.


Every year, SST Group develops and launches new products and solutions created on the basis of its own knowledge and experience to meet any specific need of the industry or an individual.

Environmental Responsibility

At SST Group, we are committed to act responsibly when using resources, and to protect the planet as we operate and grow our business. With a higher standard of environmental responsibility SST Group is working on future improvement to develop innovative, efficient, and safe technologies for industry and comfortable living.

Social Responsibility

Striving for social responsibility SST Group supports and expands on public initiatives, strategies and action plans on the national level. Every year, the company implements a number of educational, environmental, and social programs.

To date, we’ve performed joint activities with the Moscow Zoo, Mytishchi art-gallery, veteran-led and refugee community organizations. SST Group has joined the children’s charity program “Life as a Miracle”.

SST Group has devised a career guidance and development program for pupils and students to help them achieve higher technical education, undergo practical training or start a career working for one of the SST Group companies. Since 2013, SST Group has been hosting “Energy Hope” Academic Olympics for scholars as a joint project together with the National Research University MPEI.

Being proud of every member of its team, SST Group is committed to fostering team spirit and harmony among the staff and management, and advancing them through workshops, training seminars, sports activities, and other succession programs.