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SST Group’s magazine “Electric Heating for Industry” has been published since 2011. It covers the latest news, innovative ideas and some helpful issues that everyone with an interest in electric heating wants to learn.

The book “Design and operation of electric heating systems in the oil and gas industry” authored by Michael Strupinskiy, CEO of SST Group, Nikolay Khrenkov, Advisor to CEO, and Alexander Kuvaldin, Pr. at the National Research University, is a complete guide to electric heating application in the oil and gas industry.

Corporate newspaper “100% Efficient” has been published since 2007 to be available as e-version since 2012.

Scientific Research, Development, Production and Implementation of the SST Heating System for Long and Extra-Long Pipelines
Michael Strupinskiy, Nikolay Khrenkov, Aexander Kuvaldin
The article continues the series of publications on the ways of the installation of the SST skin-effect heating system IRSN 15000 designed for extra-long pipeline heating. It covers the research results and  and gives a complex view of the skin-effect heating system’s development considering its application in the Far North.
SST Unified Quality Management System within Sustainable Growth and Structural Change
Yulia Fomenkova, Anastasia Trofimenko
The authors speak about modifications of the Unified Quality Management System within SST Group under the company’s structural change and implementation of new corporate standards.
SST Group Water Underfloor Heating Solutions
Sergey Nikolaev
The author introduces Neptune IWS water underfloor heating systems based on the stainless steel corrugated pipes produced by SST Group. The heating system fits for any house or commercial building. The water warm floors Neptune IWS fully comply with strong requirements to the «green» building, ensuring energy and cost efficiency, as well as ecological responsibility.
SST Energomontage as a Consulting Bureau in Terms of Electric Heating Systems’ Design
Michael Prokofiev, Vyacheslav Bardin, Anastasia Lukina
The article speaks about SST Energomontage serving as consulting bureau, the unit created from its project engineering department. It provides full, comprehensive support to the specialists of project institutes and companies when it comes to the design or selection of electric heating systems’ equipment.
Production of Control Cabinets for Electric Heating Systems. From Past to Future
Andrey Mokhov
The article presents the SST Energomontage’s capabilities applied to assembling control cabinets and low voltage electrical switchboards. Serving as a turnkey solutions provider, SST Energomontage delivers control cabinets for industrial electric heating systems to the sites of the Russian oil and gas giants.
How does underfloor heating work?
Nikolay Khrenkov
The author dwells on heat transfer, what occurs when underfloor heating systems works, and disproves the idea that infrared rays’ share in the total heat flow of the heating film may reach 90%.
Energy Efficiency and Performance Improvement of the Facilities Operated in the Oil and Ga Industry: High-Tech Solutions for Fuel and Energy Companies
Michael Cherkasov
The article presents solutions that can bring fuel and energy companies to a new level of efficiency and make them closer to “green” standards. With existing production failure on sites, Smart Field’s integration and possibility to control an oil reservoir are of crucial concern. The Smart Field components developed by Schneider Electric, are being successfully operated at oil fields both in Russia and worldwide.
Electric Loads and Electrical Energy Consumption of Heat Tracing Systems Operated at North Siberian Oil Fields
Vitaly Fraishteter, Ruslan Kudryashov
The article provides the actual data of electric heating systems used at the North Siberian oil fields, including well clusters and linear pipelines reception areas. For the last 15 years, energy consumption used for electric heating has increased considerably. The authors recommend to consider electric heating when estimating electric loads of the facilities designed for oil production. Energy supply sources and oilfield’s energy supply layouts are a matter of importance.