A Theoretical and Practical conference was held at SST

March 4, 2016

The conference was devoted to the launch of the first conductive plastics and self-regulating heating cables to be manufactured in Russia.

A Theoretical and Practical conference was held at SST

“Special Systems and Technologies” (SST Group), Russia’s — and one of the world’s — largest manufacturers of heating cables and electrical heating systems, hosted a theoretical and practical conference on “The full-cycle manufacture of conductive plastics and self-regulating cables in Russia: a technological breakthrough and important milestone in the implementation of the import substitution programme.” The conference was attended by leading experts from the domestic cable industry, representatives from oil and gas enterprises and defence companies, federal and regional authorities, and business and industry associations. There to give the keynote speech at the opening ceremony was the Deputy Director of the RF “Minpromtorg” Department for Machine Tools and Machine-based Investment, Oleg Tokarev. Addressing the conference participants, he stressed the importance of the SST Group project development in the process of import substitution and for the increase in export potential of Russian high-tech products.

At the opening ceremony, addresses were also given by the first Deputy Head of the Mytishchi urban district, Andrey Churakov and Head of the Central Russian branch of Sberbank, Sergei Ganiev. Participants at the conference were also greeted at the opening by Chairman of the State Duma Committee for Industry, Sergei Sobko, Deputy Chairman of the Moscow Regional Government, Denis Butsaev, Rector of the Gubkina Russian State University of Oil and Gas, Viktor Martynov, and Vice-Rector of Research at the STI MEI, Victor Dragunov.

In attendance at the plenary session of the conference was SST Group CEO Mikhail Strupinsky, who outlined the importance of domestically manufactured self-regulating heating cables in the energy system security in Russian industry and fuel and energy companies, and General Director of JSC “VNIIKP” Gennady Meshchanov, who presented a report on the results of research and development prospects for the domestic cable industry. Presentations during the theme-based sessions were given by heads and leading experts of “SSK” GK, including Prof. of STI MEI Mikhail Boev, chairman of Technical Committee 403 for Explosion-proof equipment, Zalogin Alexander, and representatives from SST Group partner companies.

Self-regulating heating cables are a key element of electric heating systems, which provide protection against climate risks for industrial facilities in strategic industries. The SST launch of domestic mass manufacture of a full cycle of self-regulating heating cables opens up new opportunities to improve the energy and technological security of Russian fuel and energy and defence companies.

Features of the new SST manufacturing complex, will, in the short term, allow for consumption demands of oil and gas, chemical, nuclear and other strategic sectors for domestically manufactured self-regulating cable for electrical heating systems to be fully met. This task is one of the main targets of the Action Plan to implement import substitution in the Russian Federation power engineering, cable and electrical industry, as approved by Order no. 653 by the Russian Federation Ministry of Industry and Trade, dated March 31, 2015.

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