SST Group’s R&D Team Won the Dolivo-Dobrovolsky Memorial Award

February 25, 2019

OKB Gamma’s project aimed at launching the commercial production of electrically conductive plastics and self-regulating cables won the Dolivo-Dobrovolsky Memorial Award in recognition of its important contribution to the electrical engineering industry. The award was presented on February 20th, 2019 at the general meeting of the Russian Academy of Electrical Engineering.

SST Group’s R&D Team Won the Dolivo-Dobrovolsky Memorial Award

The Dolivo-Dobrovolsky Memorial Award is annually presented by the Academy of Electrical Engineering for outstanding and commercially relevant research and development achievements in the field of electrical engineering. The memorial award bears the name of the outstanding electrical engineer.

In 2019 the Dolivo-Dobrovolsky Memorial Award went to the team behind the development project of electrically conductive plastics and self-regulating heating cables — Michael Strupinsky, CEO of SST Group; Andrey Proshin, Technical director of OKB “Gamma”, and Sergey Blinov, Deputy Operations Manager of OKB “Gamma”.

The launch in 2015 by SST Group at an OKB “Gamma” manufacturing facility of the complete production cycle of electrically conductive plastics and self-regulating heating cables was preceded by a massive research of the properties of conductive materials. SST Group’s engineers developed proprietary testing and measurement methods for self-regulating cables and built a state-of-the-art testing lab. Equipment for the production line was custom-made and developed under the supervision of SST Group.

The project resulted in a full-cycle manufacturing complex dedicated to electrically conductive compounds, self-regulating matrices, and self-regulating heating cables. This achievement is a major technological breakthrough and a significant accomplishment for the Russian science and industry, as recognized by the Dolivo-Dobrovolsky Memorial Award.

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