Electric Heating at Urengoy Oilfield in Russia

May 25, 2020

SST Group is currently working on a project to design and supply electric heating solutions to the Samburg License Block at the Urengoy Oilfield in Russia. The scope of services includes design, delivery, installation supervision, and commissioning. By now, 23.6 km of heating cables with a combined capacity of 901 kW and 94.7 km of power and installation cables has been delivered to the site.

Electric Heating at Urengoy Oilfield in Russia

The Samburg License Block of the Urengoy Oilfield, where work is underway to develop the Achimov deposits of the Urengoy oil and gas condensate field, is located in Pur District, Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District in Russia.

An important direction in the further development of the Urengoy Oilfield is the development of hard-to-reach Achimov deposits, which occur at depths of 4,000 m and have a more complex geology compared to other types of deposits. In addition, the Achimov deposits are characterized by an abnormally high reservoir pressure (>600 atm), are tectonically and lithologically screened, contain multiphase oil reservoirs and heavy paraffins.

The development of the Achimov deposits at the Urengoy Oilfield requires the use of state-of-art technology, including electric heating, also due to the challenging climatic conditions — severe long winters and short cool summers. Continuous permafrost and high humidity values reaching 69–78% are significant factors of the harsh climate. The average monthly air temperature in January is minus 26.4 °C, and sometimes drops to minus 56 °C.

SST Group won the tender for the supply of electric heating systems for the development of the Ach51 stratum at the Samburg License Block of the Urengoy Oilfield in 2019. The tender was held by JSC ARCTICGAS, a joint venture between PJSC NOVATEK and PJSC Gazprom Neft.

As part of the project, SST Group supplied electric heating systems for gas well cluster pipelines, gas collection system, and the inlet facilities of the integrated gas treatment unit, process pipelines of the UDK-3 condensate deethanization unit, process equipment, water supply and sewerage systems. In total, 23.6 km of heating cables of the types HTP, BTC, BTX with a combined capacity of 901 kW was supplied. In order to connect the electric heating systems to sources of power, SST Group supplied 94.7 km of ONEKEYELECTRO installation and power cables. Currently, supervised installation and commissioning is underway on the project site.

Self-regulating heating cables HTPBTCBTX by SST Group, one of the world’s second largest manufacturer of electric heating systems, operate in automatic mode without direct human supervision to maintain the desired pipeline temperature, do not overheat or burn out even when self-crossed. 

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