Energy-Efficient Heat Tracing Solutions for the Baltics

March 13, 2021

World-class electric heating solutions by SST Group ensure critical equipment of crude oil and gas pipeline systems is protected from frost. The project portfolio includes the Baltic Pipeline System.

Energy-Efficient Heat Tracing Solutions for the Baltics

The Baltic Sea is a major transport corridor connecting Russia, Europe, and Asia. It washes the shores of Russia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, and Finland. Within this strategically important region, an oil field is being developed in Russia’s Kaliningrad Region.

This major project completed by SST Group in the Baltics involves the design and supply of critical electric heating solutions for the pipelines of the Baltic Pipeline System (BPS). For instance, at BPS-I, electric heating solutions are operated as part of the drinking water supply to bunkering facilities, bilge drainage pipelines, as well as fire extinguishing and rainwater drainage systems. At BPS-II, impulse lines, process pipelines, as well as instrumentation and control systems are equipped with electric heating solutions based on self-regulating heating cables.

Self-regulating BTX and HTP cables were applied in the project. These products are an energy-efficient solution for heating process equipment and pipelines, including geometrically complex components. Self-regulating cables automatically adjust their heat generation in response to changes in ambient temperature, which significantly reduces energy costs. They are easy to install and can be operated in explosive, inflammable and corrosive environments, as well as in high-temperature environments.

SST Group is trusted by the major oil and gas and manufacturing companies to ensure efficient resource management and uninterrupted production processes for its clients.

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