Michael Strupinskiy has been awarded the title of Doctor of Electrical Engineering Science

June 14, 2016

Michael Strupinsky, CEO of SST Group was awarded the honorary title of Doctor of Electrical Engineering Science for contribution to the development of domestic industry and the organization of the first Russian full product development cycle of conductive plastic and self-regulating heating cables.

The Russian Academy of Sciences in Electrical Engineering awarded the title of “Doctor of Electrical Engineering Science” to Michael Strupinskiy, CEO, SST Group on May 17th, 2016. The award recognized Michael Strupinskiy for notable contributions to the national cable and electrical industries, and for the organization of conductive polymer matrix composite and self-regulating heating cables production in Russia.


Established in 1993, the Russian Academy of Sciences in Electrical Engineering comprises leading scientists, experts and decision-makers in the fields of electrical engineering, electric utilities, electronics and computer technology.

The title of Doctor of Electrical Engineering Science is the highest honor awarded to scientists and engineers to recognize the exceptional contribution and highlight individual achievements in electrical engineering. The mission of the Award is to provide efficient communications between academics and industry practitioners, and strengthen the credibility of professionals in the electrical industry.

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