Global QYResearch 2016: SST Group is the Second Largest Heating Cable Manufacture in the World

September 14, 2016

SST Group is the Second Largest Heating Cable Manufacture in the World according to the Global Electric Heating Cable Industry 2016 Market Research Report.

Global QYResearch 2016: SST Group is the Second Largest Heating Cable Manufacture in the World

SST Group is the largest manufactures of residential and commercial heating cable solutions and industrial heat tracing systems in Europe, confirms its leading position in the global market. An independent research agency QYResearch names SST Group the second largest producer of electric heating cables in the world.

QYResearch lists 24 companies, which cover 65.74% of the global production market. The top 10 manufacturers produce 49.61% of total heating cables. SST Group is the only Russian company listed in the global survey.

QYResearch says self-regulating cables account for 58% of total global production of electric heating cables. This type of cable is a key element of most industrial and commercial electric heating systems used in a wide range of applications including oil and gas industry. The newest technologies, considerable manufacturing capability and expertise allowed SST Group to be the first to produce polymer matrix composite and self-regulating cables in Russia, and take the leading position in the local and global markets.

According to QYResearch heating cables used in skin-effect heating systems are the most rapidly growing global market segment in he area of heat tracing. SST Group is the only Russian manufacturer and supplier of skin-effect heating systems as a longline heating solution. Heating systems based on skin-effect protect pipelines of the majority of Russian oil and gas companies. In 2015, SST Group developed a unique energy-efficient system for the protection of oil wells from wax formation. The new facility, based on a self-supporting flexible skin-effect heater, allows to prevent the formation of asphalten-resin or paraffin deposits (ARPDs) in the wellbore, reducing power consumption by half compared with series resistance heating cables.

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