SST Group is committed to developing the Russian Electric Heating Market

August 2, 2016

On July 28, 2016 SST Group hosted a conference for its partners and associated, dedicated to the Russian electric heating market development trends, at the Golden Ring hotel in Moscow.

SST Group is committed to developing the Russian Electric Heating Market

The “Industrial electric heating: innovative technologies and development trends in the contemporary economic policy” conference was organized by engineering company SST Energomontage, Delta Project and Gamma Special Design Bureau. The conference continued a series of events dedicated to the 25th anniversary of SST Group, and other enterprises of the group in 2016.

Decision-makers and experts from the energy and oil & gas industries, design institutes and engineering companies attended the Conference.

In attendance at the conference were: Head of Development at SST Energomontage, SergeyMalakhov, Delta Project director, Mikhail Prokofiev, Deputy Chief Designer of Gamma Special Design Bureau, Sergey Ghuk, Head of Thermal Insulation at SST Energomontage, Vladimir Frolov, Advisor to the SST CEO, the chief editor of “Industrial electric heating and electric heating systems”, N. Khrenkov Ph.D.

Sergey Malakhovpresented SST Group capabilities as a national center for industrial electric heating and insulation systems, competencies and technologies. Particular attention was focused on a key industry milestone: the start of the full product development cycle of conductive plastic and self-regulating heating cables. Russia’s first mass production of self-regulating cables that meet international standards of quality and reliability, is the real driver of import substitution in the industrial electric heating systems market segment. In addition, the use of Russian manufactured electric heating systems at fuel and energy companies increases the level of energy and technological security of strategic sectors. The experts gave insight into the SST Group capabilities as a strategic partner of Russian oil and gas and industrial companies to make examples of large-scale projects implemented over the last few years.

The integrated equipping of industrial facilities with robust electrical heating systems cannot be implemented without the necessary pooling of services and related products. Project development is one of the most important factors in determining the reliability and efficiency of heating systems. Delta Project, which has been part of SST Group for many years, actually functions as a sector design institute. In his report, Director of the Delta Project, Mikhail Prokofiev spoke about the capabilities and competencies of his team. Mr Prokofev drew participants’ attention to the particular heating system designs with different types of heating elements.

One of the essential elements of every industrial electrical heating system is correctly chosen thermal insulation. Vladimir Frolov, head of the “thermal insulation” department at SST Energomontage presented SST Group’s own brand of InWarm Insulation at the conference. The brand offers a line of modern insulation materials for different types of heating systems. Thus, through combining product solutions, SST Group can solve the problem through electrical heating, thermal insulation and anti-corrosion protection of any industrial facility.

Deputy Chief Designer of Gamma Special Design Bureau, Sergei Ghuk, spoke about SST Group solutions for aircraft and shipbuilding enterprises at the conference. SST Group has considerable experience in the development of special solutions for the protection of aircraft and marine equipment from climate risks. In addition, SST Group experts implemented a number of projects to equip ice-resistant oil-producing offshore platforms, airstrips and helipads with heating systems. Energy, aircraft and shipbuilding companies, in close cooperation with SST Group, may, in the short term, switch to using solely Russian-produced electric heating solutions.

SST Group pays great attention to spreading its knowledge and expertise within the professional community. To this end, the company is implementing a number of media projects, and publishes methodological and reference materials. The participants of the conference were presented with grants for the design of heating systems, a copy of “Industrial electric heating and electric heating systems” magazine, and the “Design and operation of electric heating systems in the oil and gas industry” guide book authored by Michael Strupinskiy, Nikolay Hrenkov, and Alexander Kuvaldin.

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