Irina Slutskaya’s and Vladimir Golovnev’s Visit to CST Plant

August 22, 2016

Irina Slutskaya, an outstanding Russian figure skater and public figure, together with Vladimir Golovnev, a Moscow Region Commissioner for Enterpreneurs Rights, met the CST Plant  team.

Chairman of the Moscow Region Civic Chamber Commission on nation’s health, promotion of sports and tourism Irina Slutskaya, and the Commissioner for the protection of the rights of entrepreneurs in the Moscow region, Vladimir Golovnev visited CST Plant in the Moscow region.

Alexander Mikaelyan, CST Plant Director,and Arthur Mirzoyan, SST Group Corporate Communications Director, made a tour of the production facilities. Irina Slutskaya and Vladimir Golovnev praised the ethical and technical potential of SST Group, as a supplier of domestic cable and wire products for the Russian industry.

During a meeting with the CST Plant team, Irina Slutskaya and Vladimir Golovnev delivered presentations on the main issues they are running for office in the Moscow Regional Duma elections. They discussed the development of the regional social infrastructure, including kindergartens and sports activities, concerns of retirement-aged people.


Встреча_коллектива_Завода_КСТ_с_Ириной_Слуцкой_и_Владимиром_Головневым_2_370.jpg Встреча_коллектива_Завода_КСТ_с_Ириной_Слуцкой_и_Владимиром_Головневым_4_370.jpg


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