New Product Line of Explosion-Proof Equipment by SST Group

January 19, 2021

SST Group, a global leader in electric heating cables and heat tracing solutions, has launched a new line of explosion-proof equipment. The product line includes sheaths, junction boxes, control stations and cabinets, industrial-grade thermostats and connectors. In December 2020, products belonging to the new line were shipped to LUKOIL plant in Kstovo, Russia.

New Product Line of Explosion-Proof Equipment by SST Group

The company has already been operating in the explosion-proof equipment market segment with sheaths and boxes made of GRP plastic, however, recently chose to expand its product range, responding to customer needs.

The expanded product range of explosion-proof equipment will fully satisfy oil & gas and petrochemical operators’ demand for electric heating system components and reduce the project costs incurred by the customers. The availability of in-house production facilities allows SST Group to control the quality of all manufactured components of cable heating systems and guarantee short order assembly and delivery times.

The new explosion-proof product line consists of 132 items: control stations and cabinets, an industrial thermostat, connectors, explosion-proof junction boxes made of various materials (aluminum alloy, glass-reinforced plastic (GRP), stainless and structural steel). The first shipment of new products — explosion-proof communication cabinets — has been installed and is being successfully operated at the LUKOIL oil refinery in Kstovo, Russia.

Junction boxes of glass-reinforced polyester (glass fiber content not less than 28%) are available in 18 standard sizes. These are intended for outdoor installation for multiple applications, including ships and other maritime floating structures, offshore fixed rigs, as well as corrosive environments.

Steel junction boxes have similar tasks and applications, but do not require cable armor grounding and can be painted in any RAL color. SST Group offers 17 types of boxes made of structural and stainless steel.

Aluminum alloy boxes can be installed in hazardous areas on chemical, gas, oil and other industrial sites, as well as on the surface of mines, where there is a risk of gas and dust accumulation. Boxes provide explosion protection of type “d” — "flameproof enclosure".

Explosion-proof control stations and cabinets by SST Group are made of the same materials as junction boxes and have similar advantages. Cabinets feature captive screws of stainless steel, which facilitate field assembly and installation. Cabinet doors are hinged using corrosion-resistant materials. Cabinets can be combined using sealed inputs and mounted on a single frame.

Particular attention should be paid to one of the company’s newest developments — the industrial-grade thermostat ConTrace ETD-Ex. This explosion-proof thermostat is designed to control electric heating systems: it measures the temperature and switches loads to maintain the pre-set heat level.

The thermostat has multiple advantages, including high measurement accuracy, installation in the immediate vicinity of the heating system, operability in all climates, and supports connection with up to 128 other thermostats. It can be easily integrated into existing electric heating solutions and supports smart control systems.

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