The new SST thermostat allows heating to be controlled from the touch panel or via the mobile app

January 19, 2016

The Teplolux premium model thermostat line allows home heating systems to be controlled using the touch panel, or remotely, via mobile device application.

SST Group, the largest producer of electric heating systems and appliances for the creation of a more comfortable living environment, unveils its latest new development: the MCS 350 thermostat. This new product has been developed taking into account contemporary trends in the field of home comfort systems: managing them remotely from mobile devices, energy efficiency and the possibility of manual control via touch screen. This is a convenient solution for those on the go who value comfort and technology, and like to manage their time and resources effectively.

Using the MCS 350 thermostat and mobile application, allows for various heating systems to be controlled: electric and water underfloor heating, heating boilers, radiators. Managing water underfloor heating is carried out using a normally closed thermal switch with control capacity of 220 V.


When at home, you can control the heating system via the MCS 350 thermostat touchscreen display. Intuitive interface, high sensitivity and lighting control make the process simple and convenient. Families with children will appreciate the touch screen lock feature and its resistance to dirt and other environmental impact. The thermostat is equipped with two temperature gauges. The device can operate as indicated by either of the gauges, diagnosing their functionality. Programming work on several different heating system operating modes can reduce energy consumption by up to 70%. In addition, the thermostat collects data on energy consumption, so you can adjust it more precisely and efficiently.

Remote control of the heating systems is done from a mobile device on which the free MCS 350 application must be installed. Currently, applications are available for iOS and Android devices, which you can download from the AppStore and via Google Play.

Indoors, the thermostat and smart phone can link directly via Wi-Fi without any additional devices. Managing multiple thermostats, or doing so remotely, can be done via a home Wi-Fi connection.

The MCS 350 application allows you to control the settings and operation of heating systems in separate rooms (living room, bedroom, kitchen, playroom, etc.), of several residential properties at a time (apartment, house, holiday home). By installing the MCS 350 application, the user can control the operation of 32 heating zones (each system must be connected to the MCS thermostat).

Within each room, the MCS 350 application allows the user to establish and maintain the heating temperature in real-time within the range of 5 ℃ to 45 ℃, and to check the functionality of the heating system elements.

The MCS 350 basic settings comprise three modes:

  1. “Vacation Mode” By activating this mode, the user specifies that a room be kept at a constant temperature, ranging from 5 to 12 ℃;
  2. Permanent maintenance mode with adjustable temperature according to the value set in “Vacation Mode” up to +45 ℃;
  3. Programme mode, which allows you to set the heating schedule for each room a week in advance. The user sets the value of the desired heating temperature for each time slot during the day.

The recommended retail price of the new model is less than 7,000 roubles. The premium thermostat can be purchased from authorized SST or major home convenience and DIY stores.

More information and technical specifications of the new thermostat can be found on the SST website.

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