Research and Engineering Partnership with MSTU STANKIN

December 20, 2019

December 11-12, 2019, SST Group jointly with MSTU STANKIN took part in VUZPROMEXPO. Their booth showcased a joint project for the development of innovative electric heating systems for various industries.

Research and Engineering Partnership with MSTU STANKIN

The sixth annual national exhibition VUZPROMEXPO demonstrated the synergy of Russian science and high-tech industry by bringing together hundreds of unique research developments. The fairgrounds at Expocenter housed booths of 109 leading Russian universities and research organizations, 26 engineering centers, and more than 50 companies of the real sector of the economy.

SST Group took part in the exhibition in partnership with the Moscow State Technical University (MSTU) STANKIN. Their booth showcased a joint project for the implementation and management of high-tech production of innovative high-performance electric heating solutions for cross-sectoral applications. The project won in the 10th stage of the competition for a state subsidy to support the implementation of high-tech production, held pursuant to Decree 218 by the Government of Russia.

Within the framework of cooperation, SST Group and MSTU STANKIN plan to develop and commercialize innovative energy-efficient heating systems complete with control modules for the heating of pipelines, tanks, process equipment, oil wells, and to strengthen the technical resources for the development of the electric heating technology for underwater pipelines.

The outcome of the integrated project will be the launch into production of two types of energy-efficient systems for electric heating of equipment operated in hazardous areas — an innovative energy-efficient heating system for ultra-long pipelines and an advanced heating solution for oil and gas wells.

The use of electric heating systems will support the uninterrupted production, delivery, and processing of hydrocarbons in severe climatic conditions of the Far North and the Arctic and will effectively prevent the formation of paraffin, ice, and gas hydrate plugs in the process equipment.

The joint project by SST Group and MSTU STANKIN provides for equipping the systems being developed with control modules that not only supply power to the heating elements, but also integrate these into the industrial Internet of Things and support integration into multi-level systems with various topologies and configurations.

In addition to MSTU STANKIN, SST Group is working on a number of joint projects with Russia's leading universities of technology, including Bauman MSTU and the National Research University MPEI.

SST Group, founded in 1991, is a world leader in the development of comprehensive solutions for industrial electric heating, safe urban environment, and comfortable indoor environment. SST Group is one of the world's three largest manufacturers of cable heating systems. The Group develops innovative solutions for the oil and gas, chemical, mining, construction, transportation, and other industries.

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