Safety Certificate Issued by INTERGAZCERT for Electric Heating Systems by SST Group

May 20, 2019

Engineering company SST Energomontazh (part of SST Group) successfully completed the voluntary certification procedure by INTERGAZSERT for electric heating systems and was listed by Gazprom as its authorized supplier.

Safety Certificate Issued by INTERGAZCERT for Electric Heating Systems by SST Group

Certificates ОGN4.RU.1304.V00240 and ОGN4.RU.1304.V00238 evidencing that electric heating systems based on SST Group heating cable and electric heating systems based on skin-effect IRSN-1500 by OKB Gamma (member of SST Group) comply with the standards of the voluntary certification system INTERGAZCERT, including those applicable to electrical equipment for explosive environments (GOST 31610.0-2014, GOST 31610.7-2012, GOST IEC 60079-30-1-2011).

The certificates by INTERGAZCERT attest to the safety and high quality of the solutions by SSTEnergomontazh and authorize installation at the facilities operated by Gazprom.

SST Group, including SST Energomontazh, has been Gazprom’s heat tracing solutions provider since 2002. The leader of the Russian natural gas industry has used SST Group electric heating systems for some of its largest fields, including Zapolyarnoye, Bovanenkovo, Yamburg, Pestsovoye, and Kirinskoye.

Gazprom was one of the first operators of Russian-made heat tracing systems based on self-regulating cables and systems based on skin-effect for long-distance pipelines. It should be noted that SST Group is the only Russian company possessing the technology necessary to manufacture these essential products for the gas industry.

Earlier, electric heating cable systems by SST Group completed conformity assessment in the voluntary certification system Gazpromcert, which was superseded in 2016 by INTERGAZCERT. Both systems were implemented by Gazprom for voluntary certification of products, services, and quality management systems offered by its prospective suppliers.

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