Safety of Explosion-proof Junction Boxes is Certified by ATEX

July 2, 2020

Junction boxes for connection cables in electric heating systems by GammaSwiss, a global leader in electric heating cable and heat tracing solutions for industry, received an EU ATEX certificate for explosion-proof electrical equipment.

Safety of Explosion-proof Junction Boxes is Certified by ATEX

The independent certification body Eurofins E&E CML B.V. issued an ATEX certificate for the explosion-proof junction boxes JB, produced by SST Group and exclusively distributed in Europe by GammaSwiss. The document states that the equipment can be safely operated in Europe in explosive environments.

Previously, GammaSwiss obtained an ATEX certificate for its line of self-regulating cables, systems based on skin-effect IRSH-15000, and glass-reinforced explosion‑proof polyester enclosures.

JB series of explosion-proof junction boxes is designed for connecting self-regulating heating cables, series-resistance heating cables, mineral-insulated cables, control and power cables, as well as their branching. The standard assortment also includes models with the light indication to display the voltage presence on the heating section, which allows monitoring the system's performance and simplifies its maintenance.

GammaSwiss junction boxes are used for installation as part of electrical heating systems at chemical, oil-processing, oil-extracting industries, on offshore oil platforms, tankers, and in other explosive areas.

Depending on the design, the junction box can be mounted directly onto the surface of a pipeline or tank or onto a metal support. The explosion-proof box body is made of corrosion-resistant reinforced polyester GRP, with a 30% glass fiber content. Its design has a high degree of dust and moisture protection — IP66.

The equipment is represented by various types of explosion protection: Ex e, Ex ia, Ex de. 

SST Group is one of the top-3 global providers of industrial heat tracing as well as residential and commercial electric heating cable solutions worldwide. The company produces a wide range of junction boxes for connecting electric heating system components to sources of power and for connecting and branching power cables in power supply systems. They provide protection against penetration of moisture and dust, high corrosion resistance, and prevent damage to heating cables at termination points. GammaSwiss, based in Yverdon CH is a part of SST Group for European business (except German speaking countries).

ATEX are EU directives containing requirements to equipment and operations in potentially explosive environments and aimed at protecting human life and health. The certificates allow the CE marking and the explosion-proof marking to be affixed to a product.

Eurofins E&E CML B.V. is a leading international audit and certification company in quality, health, safety, and environment. The company offers management system audit services, conducts tests, production site inspections, and provides certification services for various types of products.

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