New Products by SST Group at ACHEMA 2018 in Frankfurt

May 23, 2018

SST Group, the largest producer of electric heating cables and heat tracing solutions in Europe, will present new products for the processing industry at the international exhibition ACHEMA 2018 (Frankfurt, Germany) on June 11-15, 2018.

New Products by SST Group at ACHEMA 2018 in Frankfurt

For the first time at ACHEMA 2018, SST Group will present the Very Long Line (VeLL) heating system for heating extra-long pipelines up to 150 km in length from one feeding point. The system is based on series-resistant electric heating cables and is tightly connected by couplings, which makes it possible to heat extra-long pipelines with a single power supply connection and an unlimited length with the auxiliary network.

At ACHEMA, SST Group will also present its skin-effect based system IRSN-15000. It is intended for heating pipelines up to 60 km long from a single power supply connection and does not impose any restrictions on the auxiliary network length.

At SST Group’s booth, a wide range of electric heating cables will be featured. Self-regulating cables by SST have international ATEX and VDE certificates confirming the high level of quality and safety, including application in explosive environments. The company will demonstrate its high-temperature heating cables: SNF, mineral-insulated MIC cables and fiberglass-insulated cables in stainless-steel coating with high resistance to aggressive environments, including temperatures of up to 800 ⁰C.

In the chemical and petrochemical industry, electric heating compensates thermal loss, maintains the temperature of the product during transportation and storage and prevents the formation of condensate. Systems based on electric heating cables are used to heat pipelines and tanks, industrial sites and roofs, process equipment and distribution cabinets.

World-class electric heating solutions by SST Group are operated at major chemical industry projects in Russia and abroad. The project portfolio includes heat tracing systems at Kumho Mitsui Chemicals plant in Seoul, KFK-85 plants at TogliattiAzot and Shchekinoazot, at RusVinyl, SIBUR and KuibyshevAzot.

SST Group, founded in 1991, is the largest in Russia and one of the largest global providers of residential and commercial heating cable solutions and industrial heat tracing systems, exporting its products to over 40 countries worldwide.

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