SST Group provides heating to the largest aquacomplex in Europe

October 1, 2019

The refurbished Luzhniki Water Sports Palace is heated using engineering solutions of SST Group. Electric heating systems are installed on the roof and storm drains, as well as in the indoor premises of the unique sports and entertainment complex.

SST Group provides heating to the largest aquacomplex in Europe

Number 1 in Russia

The Luzhniki Water Sports Palace was presented to the Muscovites and guests by the Moscow City Day. The six-storey aquacomplex claims to be one of the largest in our country and Eastern Europe.

Inside the area of 56,500 m2 there is a water park, sports pools and thermal baths with the ability to swim out onto the street. Visitors can also relax in the wellness center with baths, a salt cave, an ice fountain and a shower alley. The building has a retractable roof, and water rides have no analogues in Russia.

The complex was built at the location of the legendary pool of 1956, where three world championships and two European championships took place. The building fell into disrepair, so in 2014 the management of the Luzhniki Olympic Complex decided to hold a tender for its reconstruction. From among 43 architectural concepts submitted, the winner of the competition was the team of the Russian design bureau UNK Project, who designed the Simferopol International Airport and the Empire Tower multifunctional complex in Moscow City.

When developing the design concept of the new aquacomplex, the main idea was to preserve the legendary exterior of the Luzhniki swimming center. At the same time, during its design and construction, the latest technologies were used in terms of automation, water treatment and electric heating.

Electric heating for safety and comfort

The largest aquacomplex requires solutions from a leading global manufacturer. In total, for the interior of the Luzhniki Water Sports Palace, the engineering company SSTenergomontazh, which is part of the Special Systems and Technologies Group, one of the world's largest suppliers of integrated solutions in the field of cable electric heating, supplied 1030 m of TLBE heating cable. The total capacity of the electrical installations is 22 kW.

SST Group solutions implemented in the aquacomplex solve a whole range of tasks. In shower rooms, timely heating of tiles reduces the risk of injuries or cold-related diseases when stepping on a wet, cold surface. The locker rooms with heated floors eliminate the risk of draughts maintaining a comfortable temperature. The heating in the corridor equipped with a hygienic carpet with an antibacterial coating is a design solution of SST Group, providing a safe walk from the locker rooms to the water ride zone.

In the thermal recreational complex, heating helps to create the optimal microclimate. As part of this solution, SST Group supplied heating cables for a farmer, stone, Turkish, and Mediterranean baths. In each room, due to temperature sensors and temperature controllers manufactured by SST Group, optimal conditions for rest and recreation are maintained.

There is no need for parents to worry about the health of their children in the heated salt cave. In the “warm cinema”, SST Group systems are used not only for the floor, but also for the walls, which creates a comfortable temperature condition for visitors.

Preservation of historical design

During the reconstruction of the main swimming pool of the country, it was decided to preserve the legendary design of the complex with columns and unique bas-reliefs. New elements appeared on the facade are Olympic rings as a reference to the Olympic games of 1980, at which our team won gold medals here.

Electric heating of drainage chutes and funnels on the roof prevents the water drains from becoming blocked by ice and organizes the drainage of melt water that has formed, preserving the exterior of the complex and extending the service life of the outdoor structures.

Thanks to the heating of stairs and ramps using design solutions of the SST Group of Companies, visiting the sports complex will be safe at any time of the year, 24/7. This issue is especially relevant after the opening, when the capacity of the aquacomplex will increase in 40 times - the new Luzhniki Palace is able to receive 10,000 people a day. The open area heating systems run autonomously, which means that additional staff will not be required to remove snow. Heating cables are not visible under the pavement, which also lasts longer due to the absence continuous mechanical impacts required for ice cleaning by the traditional method.

In total, 7,650 m of heating cables manufactured by SST Group with a heating capacity of about 370 kW were used for the external heating of the Luzhniki Water Sports Palace.

Electric heating from the leader

SST Group has been delivering engineering solutions for architectural objects for more than a quarter of a century. The portfolio contains thousands of projects, including the Bolshoi Theater, Zaryadye Park, the State Historical Museum, Moscow Art A.P. Chekhov Theater, and the Moscow City. Our specialists provide the full range of services from thermal designing, heating cable selection, engineering works, to delivery, installation and commissioning of electrical heating systems and their maintenance.

Two-core shielded TLBE cable manufactured by SST Group is suitable for comfortable heating of pool decks, spa areas and locker rooms. The product has 50 years of aftersale service. Each batch passes 100% quality control.

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