SST Business Forum for Ufa Partners in Ufa to Celebrate SST's 25th Anniversary

July 22, 2016

Business forum “The pathway to leadership” in Ufa continued the series of celebrations for regional partners in honour of the 25th anniversary of SST .

The participants of the forum, which was held at the “Lel” country hotel on the bank of the river Dyoma, comprised SST partners and dealers, working throughout the territory of the Republic of Bashkortostan.

Responsible for the business forum agenda were the SST Regional Director for Ufa, Alexey Fokin, and SST Deputy Commercial Director, Natalia Yarkova. They presented on the main SST achievements in development of the Russian market of electrical heating systems and solutions for engineering infrastructure. The main event for SST in the year of its anniversary, was the launch of manufacturing of conductive plastic and self-regulating heating cables. The first manufacturing facility of its kind in Russia, deployed at “Gamma”, opens up new possibilities of import substitution in the segment of electric heating systems for industrial use.

After the main agenda had been covered, SST Regional Director for Ufa, Alex Fokin presented awards to the best partners and dealers in the Republic of Bashkortostan. Commemorative gifts and diplomas were received by representatives from “Gazproektengineering”, “Arsenal 01”, “Ermak-Ufa”, “Teplomir-Ufa” and other partner companies. Business Forum ended with a gala dinner and variety show held by Honoured Artist of the Republic of Bashkortostan, Nikolai Richter.


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