SST Group Held a Conference on the Development in the Arctic

October 28, 2019

On October 24, 2019, the first science and practice conference devoted to the development of the Russian Arctic was held at the headquarters of SST Group in Mytishchi, Moscow Region, Russia.

SST Group Held a Conference on the Development in the Arctic

The event was attended by industry professionals from Russia's oil and gas companies and leading universities of technology, engineering companies, and government officials.

The conference “Industrial Electrical Engineering and Special Materials: Industry Challenges and Technological Breakthroughs” focused on the tasks and technological challenges faced by industries operating in the harsh Arctic environment.

Promising technologies and solutions for Arctic projects and applications of composite materials were presented. One of the sections was devoted to electric heating systems as a key element of safe and non-stop operation of plants, machines, and equipment in the harsh climatic conditions of the Arctic.

“The main goal of the conference is to share experience. There is a huge effort involved in the most crucial national projects, and there is ongoing cooperation between major scientific, research, academic centers and SST Group. We need an industry event, at which the company's engineers will be able to share their achievements — and these are outstanding — and identify opportunities for further growth,” said Mr. Michael Strupinsky, President of SST Group.

SST Group has been developing, manufacturing, and designing cable-based electric heating systems for more than a quarter of a century and holds the second largest share of this market globally. SST Group has completed more than 20 thousand projects for Russian and international customers in the oil and gas, chemical, mining, and other industries. SST Group is working on a number of joint projects with Russia's leading universities of technology, including Bauman MSTU, MSTU STANKIN, the National Research University MPEI. In December 2018, the Group signed an cooperation agreement with the Composites of Russia Interdisciplinary Engineering Center at Bauman MSTU and is developing smart electric heating systems for strategic development projects in the Arctic.

Conference participants confirmed the need for a joint effort of the business community, government, and academia to accelerate the development of the northern regions.

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