SST Group: From Import Substitution to Tech Partnership with Gazprom

October 23, 2017

At the 7th St. Petersburg International Gas Forum, the Special Systems and Technologies Group affirmed its readiness to enter the technological partnership with PAO Gazprom in the sphere of industrial heating.

On October 4, 2017, the General Director of SC SST Mikhail Strupinsky spoke at a technological development meeting of PAO Gazprom, during the St. Petersburg International Gas Forum. In his report “Russian systems of electrical heating for the gas industry: the transition from import substitution to technology partnership” he presented the experience of cooperation with PAO Gazprom and a vision for further collaborations.

“The current level of our competence, scientific capacity, and technological equipment of plants provide an opportunity to reach a qualitatively new level of interaction with the Gazprom Group”. The paradigm shift from “import substitution” to “domestic superiority” in the segment of industrial electrical heating systems for the gas industry appears to be a realistic goal, already in the short term. We believe that the cooperation and technology partnership between PAO Gazprom and SC SST will accelerate the process of the Russian import substitution project, will increase efficiency and reduce the costs of electric heating systems," Mikhail Strupinsky reported.

Cooperation with enterprises and institutions of the Gazprom Group contributed to the strengthening of SC SST’s industry expertise. Electric heating systems of the SST Group comply with the federal standards of industrial safety and the operating conditions required at Gazpromfacilities. During the initial cooperation period, Russian electric heating systems were installed at the largest and strategically most important facilities of the country, such as Yamal, the Eastern Program, and the Continental Shelf of Russia.

For SC SST, the participation in Gazprom projects has become a key factor in the successful development of its industrial heating business. Gazprom is one of the first customers of domestic electrical heating systems based on self-regulating cables and skin systems for heating long pipelines. It should be noted that SC SST is the only Russian enterprise that possesses the production technologies of these key products for the industry. The cooperation with Gazprom, which began in the early 2000s, largely determined the ongoing trends of the Russian electric heating industry.

In 2016, SC SST launched a full production cycle for conductive plastics and self-regulating heating cables based, at its OKB Gamma plant in the Moscow region. The company received a preferential loan for capacity expansion from the Industrial Development Fund under the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade. The output of this project will fully provide the gas industry enterprises and other large consumers with self-regulating cables produced fully in Russia. Today, SC SST is already ready to replace imported heating systems with high-quality Russian solutions at a lower price, with the best guarantee and the necessary service throughout the life cycle of the equipment.

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