Electric Heating in the Arctic: SST Group’s Heating Systems at the Yamal LNG Project

November 3, 2017

Yamal LNG could ship out its first deliveries of liquefied gas by late November 2017. The unique Arctic project is heated using the solutions provided by the Special Systems and Technologies Group of Companies. The Group has supplied the facility with as many as 256 km of heating cables.

In the severe climatic condition of the Yamal Peninsula, near the village of Sabetta, the construction of an innovative liquefied natural gas production plant (second in Russia) is underway. The Yamal LNG project for the development of the South Tambey gas field will consist of three gas liquefaction lines. Their total capacity in 2019 will be 16.5 million tons per year. The construction of the facility is financed by PAO NOVATEK (50.1% in OA Yamal LNG), Total (20%), CNPC (20%) and the Silk Road Fund (9.9%).

In addition to industrial facilities, Yamal LNG will also enjoy a dedicated transport infrastructure: the project entails the construction of an international airport and a unique multifunctional port on the Arctic sea allowing year-round transport of liquefied gas on 16 ice-class ARC7 tankers. The planned cargo turnover of the port will be about 18 tons per year. The international airport of Sabetta village is already in operation and currently can receive up to 200 passengers per hour.

Yamal LNG is a huge step in the development of the Arctic. Despite the difficulties for people and technology, low annual temperatures give a big saving in energy costs for gas liquefaction. Temperatures in the northern latitudes make it easier to maintain the —160°C necessary for the storage of liquefied natural gas. At the same time, to ensure the uninterrupted operation of equipment and to ensure the safety and comfort of the staff, electric heating becomes one of the key technologies.

The Special Systems and Technologies Group is the largest manufacturer and supplier of electric heating systems for the Russian oil and gas complex. For the Yamal-based complex, SC SST supplied 256 km of various heating cables: self-regulating, resistive, SNP cables, cables with mineral insulation MIC, LLS. The total capacity of the systems is 4540 kW.

The drill cuttings processing shop uses electric heating systems with LLS and self-regulating cables. The solutions proposed by SC SST will ensure the uninterrupted and reliable operation of gas supply facilities, including a torch farm and a diesel power plant. In addition, electric heating at the Yamal LNG facility will allow maintaining the necessary temperature in the stable condensate storage tanks. This latter group of facilities includes water supply and sewerage systems, sewage pits of oil contaminated sewage, foam fire extinguishing station, and others.

The engineering company SSTenergomontazh (a part of the SST Group) is engaged in the development and implementation of the electric heating project. In addition to the supply of materials and equipment, the company also performs installation supervision and commissioning at the facility.

"Yamal LNG is the pride of Russia, and it is an honour for us to participate in its implementation. It is a unique facility, for the country and for us. In addition to heating cables for Yamal LNG, we have supplied exclusive, high-tech equipment for electric heating control. Control cabinets are multi-section assemblies, each of which consists of 5 — 9 cases. The heating control is implemented on the basis of programmable logic controllers. In addition to the monitoring and controlling the technological parameters of the heating, such as the maintaining temperature, power of heating sections, and pipe heating times, the cabinets also monitor current leakages and currents for each of the heating lines. To reduce the starting currents during the cold start of the electric heating system, we applied soft starters KSKK-30M, developed by the Group. All data on the system status is displayed on 15-inch LCD touch panels of the control cabinets, as well as in the operator’s room at the upper level of the customer’s DCS," comments Elena Yukhina, Head of the Project Team at SSTenergomontazh.

For the Special Systems and Technologies Group this is not the first time participating in the implementation of the country’s largest and most innovative projects. In addition to the Yamal LNG electric heating systems the Group equipped various facilities of the oil pipeline Eastern Siberia-Pacific Ocean, kitted out ice-resistant fixed platforms Y. Korchagin, V. Filanovsky, and A. Zhdanov in the Caspian Sea, supplied technologies for the Zapolyarnoye, Bovanenkovskoye, Kharyaga fields, and others. In total, the Special Systems and Technologies Group implemented more than 10 thousand projects in the field of industrial electrical heating. More than 20,000 km of pipelines are heated using the SC SST systems.

The Special Systems and Technologies Group is the first in Russia and the second in the world in terms of the volume of heating cables production. The company’s solutions are exported to 47 countries. In Russia, SC SST implements the program of the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade on substitution of imported heating cables and electric heating systems with domestic analogues. In 2016, the company launched the first Russian production of conductive plastics and self-regulating cables based on these materials.

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