SST Group will heat the Zaryadye Park

September 12, 2017

The architectural electric heating solutions of the Special Systems and Technologies Group now heat the largest urban development site of the Russian capital — Zaryadye Park.

Zaryadye Park is an extensive nature, leisure, and culture complex at the Kremlin walls, and the first new park in the city in the past 70 years. It was opened on September 9, 2017, by the President Vladimir Putin and the Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin. The territory of 10 hectares contains green public recreation areas, a philharmonic hall, an amphitheater with a glass roof, a floating bridge, pavilions, and other attractions. The Zaryadye complex will also incorporate some existing historical monuments, such the House of Romanov Boyars, the Chamber of the Old English Yard, Chapel of Blessed Maxim, Cathedral of the Znamensky Moynastery and others. Most of the facilities of the park were ready and opened by the City Day of Moscow, treating the Muscovites and residents of the capital for the 870th anniversary of their city.

The complex is constructed on the site of the former hotel Rossiya, demolished in 2013. The winning architectural concept for Zaryadye was presented by an international team, led by the famous New York Bureau of the Diller Scofidio + Renfro, who have already designed famous parks and museums all over the world, such as the Berkeley Art Museum (United States), urban grounds of Aberdeen (United Kingdom), the Museum of Image and Sound (Brazil), West Kowloon Park (China), Soaring Pavilion (Switzerland), and many others. In creating the look of the new complex in the heart of the Russian capital, the authors used the concept of natural urbanism (Wild Urbanism), where natural landscapes blend with urban buildings, giving birth to a new type of public space. And indeed, the Chinese City Wall and the cobbles of the Red Square now organically merge with the new green urban environment of Zaryadye. This large city-planning project was implemented using advanced and highly efficient technologies, including solutions for the year-round heating of open areas.

Electroheating to maintain the microclimate

According to the architectural concept, the Park is divided into four zones: tundra, steppe, forest, and meadow, each with its own microclimate. These microclimate zones are created by maintaining a certain temperature, as well as by regulating the air flow and the degree of illumination.

To protect the soil from excess moisture after rainfall or snowfall, there is a water collection system with heated water intake trays. These are heated using self-regulating cables manufactured by SC SST. Heating the water intake trays in winter will prevent the formation of ice and thereby help maintain an effective water collection system all year round, while preserving the landscape and its flora.

Anti-icing system for safe walking

Architects created a network of paths that, like a cobweb, connect the green landscape with the historical sights and new facilities in and around the park. Notably, despite the harsh Russian climate, the visitors of Zaryadye can admire its beauties all year round. Thanks to the heating of the stairs and ramps, using the solutions provided by SC SST, visiting the Park will be comfortable and safe at any time of the year, at any hour of day or night.

Heating the stairs and driveways will prevent the formation of ice and, as a result, will improve the safety of visitors and avoid injuries. In addition, electrical heating significantly extends the life of the path coating. For example, mechanical removal of ice with sharp tools leads to chipping and scratching of the surface, which in time can lead to destruction of the material. Electrical heating eliminates this issue. Thus, the heated paths will last much longer. The problem of extending the life of pedestrian coverage is particularly relevant for this facility, as it is expected that it will be visited by at least 12 million guests per year.

Safe walks all year round are guaranteed to visitors of the Zaryadye Park and to the restored Moskvoretskaya embankment, which is also included in the complex. The project also provides for the construction of an underground passage that will connect the Moskva River embankment with the green zone. At the same time, the architects designed the river-side part of Zaryadye as a two-level structure.

The upper level is an unusual bridge, protruding like a wing half way over the expanse of the Moscow River, literally soaring over the waterfront. Whereas the lower level houses a recreation area with benches, cafes and restaurants, as well as a dock for river transport. Visitors have direct access to the water thanks to convenient descents, staircases and ramps, which also use the electric heating systems created and supplied by the Special Systems and Technologies Group.

Architectural heating from the market leader

Zaryadye Park is now part of the long list of facilities implemented with the use of SC SST’s architectural heating systems. Other notable projects include the Moscow City business complex, Gostiny Dvor, Guard Post No. 1 at the Eternal Flame on the Red Square, the Picturesque Bridge, the postal and cargo complex of Vnukovo Airport, The Bolshoi Theater, and many others.

“We are honoured to participate in the implementation of Zaryadye Park, this large-scale and much-anticipated project for our capital! The application of SC SST’s electric heating systems in this complex will ensure rapid removal of snow and ice, safe movement of the visitors, and will significantly prolong the life of the pavement surfaces,” said V. Tyulukanov, Director of the engineering company SSTenergomontazh, part of the SST Group.

At the heart of the new park’s electric heating systems is a flat heating cable 50NT with constant power, which is widely used in heating systems of street areas. It effectively transfers heat to the screed and has an increased specific power, is resistant to mechanical stress, corrosion, and is sealed. The water intake trays are heated by self-regulating cables. In total, SSTenergomontazh supplied more than 8 kilometers of heating cables as part of the finished electric heating systems for the Park. The total capacity of the installation is 462 kW.

SC SST is ready to provide solutions for any tasks in the field of electrical heating. The company boasts a long-term industry expertise, its own production facilities, and a professional team. SC SST is the largest producer of heating cables and electric heating systems in Russia. The company’s products are supplied to more than 40 countries around the world. SC SST is the only manufacturer of conductive plastics and self-regulating cables based on such materials in Russia. The company participates in the Russian import substitution program and is included in the Russian Ministry of Economic Development’s project “National Champions”.

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