Bobsleigh, Luge and Skeleton Track in Paramonovo

2007, Moscow region

Electric heating systems: bobsleigh track, drains and drinking water supply systems.

The total length of the self-regulating cable-based system installed by SST Group, makes 2,500 m.

Sochi-2014 Winter Olympics. Major Energy Facilities

2013-2014. Owned by Gazprom

Project design and complex supply of stabilized condensate electric heating systems.

Expansion of the Krasnodar gas processing transport facility.

Total power capacity of 515 kW.

Ex-proof control cabinets. Self-regulating heating cables: 22+ km, thermal insulation: 400+ m3.

Zapolyarny Oil and Gas Condensate Field

2008-2014. Operated by Gazprom

Heat tracing: tanks and wastewater treatment plants, industrial pipelines, water pipelines and sewerage.

The total length of pipelines and networks heated by SST electric heating systems (including skin-effect heating systems) makes 542.6 km.

Bovanenkovo Gas and Oil Condensate Field, Yamal

2008-2016. Operated by Gazprom

Inter-site communication and pipeline technology, skin-effect heating systems, internal site networks.

The total length of pipelines and networks, in which electric heating systems are installed measures 542.6 km.

Filanovsky Offshore Field, the Caspian Sea

2014-2015. Operated by LUKOIL

Construction of the field, integrated solutions for process pipelines electric heating.

Self-regulating heating cables with fluoropolymer insulation, explosion-proof and resistant to chemical and marine climate impact over a 15 km distance.

R.Trebs & A.Titov Oil Field

2014-2015. Operated by Bashneft

Design, supply, installation and commissioning of electrical heating systems. Construction of oil fields, oil and gas pipelines from the booster pump station from the Titov oil field to a central oil gathering and processing facility at the Trebs oil field.

Inter-site network (IRSN 15000 SKIN-system) 47,000 m.

Udachny Diamand Mine

2014-2015. Operated by ALROSA

Design, supply and installation of electrical heating systems.

Water pipelines and sewage pipes with a total length of 3.6 km, MASTERWATT insulation and control systems (tanks for mine bunker and dozer housing facilities and pumping station for mine water drainage), TEPLOMAG electric heating systems and electric heating for pipes and sewerage

(temporary buildings and facilities, onsite engineering networks, hot water supply network from processing plant no. 12 to the mine, engineering networks, pipelines).

Taman Seaport Transshipment Terminal

2006-2016. Operated by Tamanneftegas

Design works, delivery, commissioning and start-up works.

Thermal insulation of pipelines with a total length of 45,000 m, the butane gas pipeline, skin-effect heating systems 6000 m in length, electric heating system drainage tanks (oil and oil products), MASTERWATT explosion-proof heaters, control cabinets and control systems.

Urengoy Gas Field

2007-2016. Operated by Gazprom, Achimgaz, Wintershall AG (BASF)

Skin-effect heating system. Underground condensate pipeline, 37,000 m long.

Water pipeline conduit 2×2000 m long. Industrial pipelines within the territory of the integrated gas processing facilities with a total length of 5,000 m.

East Siberia Pacific Ocean Pipeline

2015-2016. Operated by Transneft

The total length of heat tracing systems is 83.3 km. Longline heating system, 7.6 km SKIN-system, 8 km. Thermal insulation.

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State Duma of the State Assembly of the Russian Federation

2005, Moscow

De-icing and snow melting systems: stairways and entrance area.

The total length of the heating cable installed makes 2,480 m, with a rated power of 62 kW.

Moscow Mayor’s Office

1999 and 2012, Moscow

Electric heating systems: roof drainage systems and general refurbishment works.

The total length of heating cable installed makes 4,345 m, with a rated power of 123 kW.

Russian Central Bank, Moscow

2010, Moscow

Roof drainage de-icing systems.

The total length of the heating cable installed makes 13,963 m, with a rated power of 438 kW.

State-Reserve Museum Tsaritsyno

2006-2007, Moscow

Roof de-icing systems (gutters, outside glazing) and underfloor heating systems.

The total length of the heating cable was 5,672 m, with a rated power of 736 kW.

Bolshoi Theater, Moscow

2011, Moscow

Roofde-icingsystem: gutters, waterdrips, pipedrains.

The total length of the heating cable installed makes 3,576m, with a rated power of 118 kW.

State Historical Museum

2002, Moscow, Red Square

Gutter de-icing system: the total length of the heating cable installed makes 5,353m, with a rated power of 131 kW.

Vnukovo airport, Mail Freight Terminal

2011, Moscow region

De-icing solutions: drainage systems of the building including roofs and gutters.

The total length of the electric heating systems installed makes 2,682 m.

Gostiny Dvor, Historic Russian Indoor Marketplace

2011, Moscow

A heating system for areas of the atrium roof and water catchment tray at the perimeter of the atrium was implemented by means of heating cables rendered out of monolithic concrete structures, as well as roof drainage elements along the outer perimeter of the building (gutters, roof drip trays and waterpipes).

The total length of the heating cable is 42,160 m, with a rated power of 1,054 kW.

Eternal Flame at the Memorial Gravesite, Red Square, Moscow

1998, Moscow

Guard booth heating system: a cast reinforced concrete slab with heating cable and sensor, manufacturedby SST Group.

Picturesque Bridge, Moscow

2009, Moscow

Electrical heating system for the observation deck.

A roof de-icing system installed on the observation deck (special heating plates): external and internal glazing, drain systems.

The total length of the heating cable was 13,400 m, with a rated power of 402 kW.

Moscow City Business Center

2009, Moscow

Electric heating solutions: outside glazing systems.

Rated power of 590 kW.

Helipad, Frunzenskaya Embankment, Moscow-river

2014, Moscow

Heating cable based de-icing system, implemented in correspondence with the Maritime Register requirements.

The total length of the heating cable was 5,688m, with a rated power of 174 kW.

Ice rink. Reconstruction of an artificial ice-skating rink

2009, Kolomna

Roof de-icing systemwith in-built heating cable.

The total length of the heating cable was 29,100 m, with a rated power of 728 kW.

Pedestrian Underpasses

2013, Moscow and Moscow region

De-icingsystems: 23 ramps and staircases.

Screed temperature and precipitation sensors.

The systemssuccessfully operate in automatic mode at –15 °C to +5 °C.

The total length of series resistance heating cables installed makes 43 km.

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