Product Customizing

SST Group possesses a unique experience in the development and serial production of high-tech products and systems. The production capacity of our plants located in the Moscow region, allow for the creation of leading pioneering solutions that make them market leaders both in Russia and worldwide.

Currently, SST Group produces over 1,500 different types of products. The technological capacity of our production facilities allows for a substantial increase in production volumes in a short time-frame.

Our business includes customized production. We offer the development and production of OEM / ODM products under the customer’s business name. SST Group has all the necessary resources for the successful implementation:

  • Own R&D
  • Test facilities
  • Quality Assurance
  • Creative Design Bureau
  • Own Design Workshop

SST Group offers the following OEM / ODM products:

  • Self-regulating heating cables
  • Series resistance heating cables
  • Cables and wiring for special applications
  • Low-voltage equipment
  • Junction boxes
  • Ready-made heating cables based solutions