Smart Technologies for Comfortable Living

For over 25 years, SST Group has been coming up with solutions for a better, more comfortable living within any space all year around.

We offer solutions for those seeking simple, effective and high-quality equipment, for those who value sophisticated high-end technology, and for active users of mobile devices.

Our range of products includes all kinds of underfloor heating systems, a wide range of temperature controllers and de-icing systems, and numerous solutions for greenhouses.

SST Group provides unique solutions for any specific heating need applied to wet areas, including mold prevention and water leak control systems.

We have devised smart technology for a more comfortable, sustainable, living environment. We are responsible for the quality of each of our products and ensuring their operational reliability over several decades.

Electric Underfloor Heating Systems
Hydronic Underfloor Heating Systems
De-icing & Snow Melting Systems
Mold Prevention Systems
Water Leak Control Systems
Greenhouse Heating Solutions
Electric Towel Heaters
Portable Heaters for Various Application