Skin-Effect Heating Systems

An optimal solution for heating extra long pipelines

Skin-effect heating systems are reliable and efficient solutions for pipelines of any length designed for aboveground, buried, subsea, and downhole application in safe and hazardous areas.


  • Stable heat transfer at any point of the heated surface
  • Reduced thermal aging of insulation
  • Stable system functioning due to the cable channel acting as a heating element with a 100% contact with the heated surface
  • Easy to control system parameters as only one cable / cable channel is required
  • Easy to maintain due to the serviceable connections
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15 000+ Industrial Heat Tracing Projects are Designed and Successfully Implemented by SST Group

Technical Expertise

  • Robust products & systems – operating in the most extreme climate conditions
  • Solutions for challenging areas: underground, subsea, downhole heating
  • The most modern materials & equipment
  • Own R&D center
  • Remote monitoring of the system’s parameters
  • Ease of maintenance & repair
  • Proven reliability & electrical safety


  • №1 electric heating cable plant in Europe
  • Production facilities for all types of heating cable systems
  • Strict quality control procedures – 100% of our products undergo testing
  • All products meet international standards and technical requirements
  • ISO 9001 Compliance Certification since 2004

EPC Contracting

  • 20+ years of experience in EPC, including international projects
  • Single point of responsibility
  • Full engineering support, 100+ design engineers
  • 60+ installers (in-house)
  • International sales & project support team
  • 5+ years of warranty

SST Group develops the most complex skin-effect heating solutions

Outdoor, elevated

  • Classic skin-effect heating system*
  • Open skin-effect heating system*
  • Flexible skin-effect heating system*


  • Classic skin-effect heating system*
  • Open skin-effect heating system*
  • Flexible skin-effect heating system*


  • Flexible skin-effect heating system*


  • Effective operation solution for wells with heavy oils
  • Continuous oil extraction
  • Cost reduction of well operation
  • SST Group proprietary technology
* Including pre-insulated pipelines

Technical Data

Distance from one feeding point up to 60 km
Voltage up to 4 (7) kV, 50 Hz
Max current Up to 250 A
Heat emission output Up to 120 W/m
Operating temperature 150°C
System types Classic, open, flexible
Application Elevated, underground, subsea, and downhole heat tracing

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