Stream Tracer™ Downhole Heating System

A comprehensive solution, developed by SST Group, to ensure the energy-efficient operation of oil wells

Despite the rapid development of alternative energy sources, oil remains the main source of energy. In order to meet society’s energy needs, the global oil complex is paying more attention to non-traditional costly and inaccessible sources of hydrocarbons. Heavy oil and gas hydrates in a climate of ever-depleting conventional crude oil reserves are becoming increasingly important in the global economy.

Stream TracerTM:

  • Prevention of wax and hydrates formation in oil wells
  • SST Group proprietary technology
  • Continuous oil extraction
  • Process temperature maintenance in underground and subsea heat traced pipes

Wax Formation Prevention – Critically Important Task   

Wells with “heavy” oils are more prone to the formation of asphaltene-resin-paraffin deposits, or ARPDs, commonly known as “waxing”. The temperature drops inside the borehole and degasses the fluid that rises up the tubing. As a result, oil loses its ability to dissolve the paraffin and resin contained in it. The paraffin and tar deposits build up on the tubing walls to make the tubing cross-section narrower or even sealed.   

Stream TracerTM ensures:

  • Effective operation solution for wells with heavy oils
  • Enhanced oil recovery 
  • Cost reduction of the well operation
  • Improvement of the technical and economic indicators of fields

The most effective way of heat treatment is heating the borehole with an electric heating cable

Stream TracerTM Components  

  • Heating element
  • Heating control station
  • Special transformer
  • Mobile system for installation & commissioning


  • Enhanced flexibility
  • Mechanical strength
  • Possibility to adjust the heat lengthwise
  • Increase of overhaul period of well operation.
  • Energy efficiency

Energy Cost Savings 50%

The main task of electric heating systems is to maintain the fluid temperature above the wax formation temperature.

Standard series resistance heating cable systems solve the problem, but they are not energy-efficient or reliable.

Stream TracerTM has zones of high and low power output, which allows to:

  • Choose an optimum length of the heating cable
  • Decrease the level of fluid overheating
  • Extend service life of the heater
  • Decrease energy consumption up to 50%.
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The “heart” of the system is a special self-supporting flexible skin-heater. Within the heater of a coaxial structure the heat is evenly distributed between internal and outer inductors. The technology allows for the improved efficiency of heat transfer from the heater to the oil fluid in comparison with classic resistive electric heating systems.

Technical Data

Voltage up to 1 kV
Linear power 50 W/m
Heater length 1.5 km*
Minimum installation temperature –25°C
Minimum bending radius 400 mm
Crushing load up to 12 kN (at the tripping speed up to 0.25 m/s)
Tensile force up to 28 kN
Resistance to chemical compounds found in crude oil and fluids
Maintains operability under external pressures of up to 150 atm and temperatures of up to 70°C
Remains in operation after 100 bends in the 400 mm radius**
* A heater up to 3 km in length is currently under development. 
** At positive temperatures.

Stream TracerTM: Efficiency and Reliability

  • The efficiency and reliability of the system is confirmed by pilot tests carried out at the Kazakovsky PJSC "LUKOIL-Perm" site.
  • Stream TracerTM allowed to increase the temperature of the oil produced at the wellhead from 7°C to 22.5° C.
  • Energy consumption to maintain the optimum temperature of the oil decreased by 47% compared to constant wattage heating systems.
  • Stream TracerTM solves the problem of wax formation providing energy-efficient operation without depleting customer time or manpower resources.

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